Grappler Bungee Tie-Down - 48 inches - Black - 8mm - Pack of 2

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      The MotoTech Grappler is everyday rider and long distance tourer's fastest and easiest method of securing belongings to motorcycles, bicycles, cargo vehicles, etc. The Bungee Cord is made from a premium grade, first quality and long lasting latex rubber and the hooks are made of strong and ultra-durable plastic consisting of POM (Polyoxymethylene). Plastic hooks have a multi-season usage potential, thus negating the problem caused by rusting of metal hooks in tropical weather conditions.

      Grappler is amazingly adaptable and can grab onto almost everything. It is best used for securing or anchoring luggage on your motorbikes for long or short trips.

      We all know how frustrating it can get when a bungee cord breaks or gives way in the middle of a trip. So how does one find out the difference between a genuine superior quality and a fake inferior quality bungee cord? We have written a blogpost on how to spot the difference to avoid getting cheated or buying inferior quality bungee cords


      - Bungee Cord is made of Quality Heat resistant Latex Rubber Thread
      - Outer Sheath is made of Polyester multi filament yarn
      - Non rusting, strong and Ultra-durable plastic hooks
      - Tightly fastens books, bags, jackets, helmets, etc. to the rear seat.
      - Both ends have hooks to secure around bars.