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      The Optimate 1+ charger is a well-designed, compact piece of kit. Its case displays some clear charging instructions, with three lights that alert you to different stages of the process.

      If the charger is something you plan to use on a more regular basis, Optimate has fitted some handy wall mount holes to the case. I opted instead to use the strap slot to hang the charger from the bike, which made it easier to put away after we’ve used it, and to move between bikes.

      The case is dust-proof (but not waterproof for outdoor charging), and has a 6ft supply lead and 6ft charging lead, so it’ll reach across the garage well. It’s safe to leave it permanently connected to your bike, it won’t spark when connecting, and it’ll shut itself down if short-circuited or disconnected.


      We left the Optimate charging the bike for a total of eight hours, and within this time the it had successfully revived and fully charged the battery. Compared to a previous old charger we were using (which took over 24 hours) we were very happy.

      It’s important to note that the 1+ doesn’t have the recovery mode of some of Optimates more expensive chargers – a deeply sulphated battery might not be charged by the 1+, but Dad’s battery charged fine.

      The output current is 0.6A – so to charge the Harley’s 12A battery from utterly discharged could take up to 20 hours.