Rynox Shark Stormproof Mobile Mount

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      Product Description:

      • Compatibility
      • Ideal for devices up to 6.2-inch screens (when the screen size is measured diagonally)
      • Internal Dimensions:
        Centimetres: Width 10.3 cm X Height 17.5 cm
        Inches: Width 4.1 in X Height 6.8 in
      • Features:
      • Stormproof Ingress Protection: Two clip seal ensures protection from water
      • 360 Degree Rotation: Change the orientation of the case from portrait to landscape mode in seconds
      • Easy Installation: Ease to adjust Shark clamp mount with locking mechanism facilitating quick mounting and release
      • Shock Resistant: Peripheral air channel assists in reducing shocks
      • Ease of Use: The case opens and closes with a simple twist of 2 levers. A strategically placed specialized clear screen allows easy operation of touchscreens.
      • Weatherproof: The enclosed pouch ensure your phone is protected from the Elements
      • High-Frequency Welding: The use of high-frequency welding ensures a super-strong bond along all the seams
      • Sturdy Construction: High-grade anti-slide Shark grip ensures zero displacements of the case.
      • Disclaimer: Rynox will not be liable for any loss of personal belongings caused due to incorrect mounting, falls, accidents, fire, theft, etc.

      About  Rynox:
      Rynox is a premium brand that delivers quality motorcycle apparel and luggage. As a brand Rynox believes ” Quality is not an act. It is a habit”. Protection, Comfort, Reliability and Style have been the pillars of the brand and helped them deliver practical, reliable, stylish and no-nonsense products.